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Detailed Assessment

FREE with any 4-week program. On for limited time.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Iron Camp

Service Description

Iron Camp Fitness: Our Signature Onboarding Service - The Detailed Assessment Welcome to Iron Camp Fitness! As a valued member of our community, we ensure that your fitness journey starts on the right foot. Our commitment to your health, progress, and potential drives us to provide you with a comprehensive starting point: The Detailed Assessment. What is The Detailed Assessment? The Detailed Assessment is our foundational service for all new members. Think of it as a roadmap; it outlines where you currently stand, highlighting strengths and areas that require attention. This evaluation isn't just about numbers but understanding your body holistically. Features of the Detailed Assessment: Full Body Analysis: We don't just focus on one aspect. We ensure a full body examination to understand how every part of you functions and integrates. This allows us to tailor workouts precisely to your needs. Kbox4 Exxentric Machine: This isn't your typical fitness assessment. We leverage the state-of-the-art Kbox4 Exxentric Machine, which is at the forefront of performance diagnostics. Here's what it offers: Power Readout: Gauge your explosive potential with accurate power metrics. Force Speed Analysis: Understand the dynamics of how quickly you can exert force. This is crucial for athletic performance and everyday activities. Range of Motion (ROM): Know the extent of your joint movements. It helps in setting mobility and flexibility goals. Other metrics: From muscle endurance to eccentric strength capabilities, the Kbox4 provides a wide range of diagnostics. Tailored Recommendations: Post-assessment, our team processes the data and provides tailored recommendations. These recommendations guide your initial phase at Iron Camp Fitness, ensuring you get the best start possible. Why Start with The Detailed Assessment? Starting with an in-depth understanding of your body allows us to design a fitness routine that not only helps you reach your goals faster but does so while minimizing risks. By identifying potential weaknesses or imbalances upfront, we can take proactive measures in your training regime. At Iron Camp Fitness, we believe in a scientific, data-driven approach, combined with a personal touch. The Detailed Assessment ensures you're not just another member but a unique individual with specific goals, strengths, and areas of development. Take the First Step!

Cancellation Policy

**IMPORTANT** 24hrs pre-booking notice is needed for all PERSONAL TRAINING bookings. Any sessions canceled within 24hrs will result in a lost session.

Contact Details

  • Iron Camp Fitness, Trillium Road, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada


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