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"In January of 2014 I was looking for a trainer that had a schedule that better suited my own. This is when I found Iron Camp Fitness.  I was matched with a great trainer, but I was having some medical issues at the time and had to take some time off of fitness.  I was ready and able to return to the gym in May and I was then matched with Paul. When I met Paul, he was a friendly, professional trainer that really seemed to be good at stepping back and really assessing me as his client, determining exactly what I wanted and needed, despite what I would say to him. I have been training with Paul for nearly 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier.  Paul and I get along well, he is always professional and on time, ready to work with me and able to adapt whatever needs adapting at any given time.  Paul has been there with me when I have attended fitness tests for employment, encouraging me and learning, as my trainer, what I need to pass.  Paul is great at catching the little things that I do that are off, the imbalances I have and helping me to straighten them out.  Paul knows how to get me to work harder and push myself further, he understands my humour and encourages me to never give up.  Even though I would grow frustrated with my constant changes in “goals”, Paul doesn’t, he accepts me with my quirks and encourages me.  Initially when I came to Iron Camp Fitness, I had some rough “goals” to reach certain levels in weight, reps, etc.  I no longer do.  From working with Paul I know that my limit is indeed limitless.  I can do whatever I set my mind to, Paul has helped me to see this and he is helping me to constantly strive for more and to reach more.  


Paul, you are awesome."




" Its been over one year since I've started working out with the awesome trainers at Iron Camp Fitness(ICF). Before ICF I enjoyed exercise by running. With ICF over the last year I've tackled building my strength through ironfit classes, iron boot camps, femsport training with iron camp, and just recently adding iron movement and iron combat classes to my schedule. Some of my goals that I accomplished over the past year with the help of ICF include being able to lift tires, complete 50 box jumps in 52 seconds, I started doing unassisted pull ups (I can do 3 in a row now!!!!wooooo), I'm able to do push ups (I'm even able to do clap push ups). I've competed in Femsport this past summer which included competitions in box jumps, tire flips, kettle bell lifts, tire drag, and an obstacle course that included pushing a vehicle. I've competed in the local warrior race, I've continued to run throughout my fitness journey with ICF and see the benefits that iron camp training has had on my running skills. My energy levels have increased, I've learned to love my body and I've learned to love taking care of it.I've learned that its okay to have "off days" and I've learned that resting is just as important as exercising for your body.Through ICF training I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people who have become my fitness family. The one thing that really amazes me about Iron Camp Fitness is that I can honestly say I LOVE going to classes and working out. Iron Camp trainers are truly passionate. They want to see you succeed and are just as happy as you are when you reach your goals. They push you to your best ability and make you want to continue reaching new goals. I want to extend a very big thank you to the ICF team for all the help you have given me over the past 14 months. Every time I talk about ICF I always say how much I love it. You guys are da bomb dot com."


"It's been just over a year since I started doing classes at Iron Camp Fitness. After realizing that I had to cut weight to fight Brock Lesnar in the UFC, I looked into ICF training. With a little motivation, I jumped in with both feet and I joined my first class. I still remember the nervousness that I felt before my first class...... I even broke out in a rash just thinking about it. Realizing that puking was allowable, and quitting was not, I came back for another and another. With nearly 100 classes under my belt, I have dropped almost 50lbs, but more importantly, I have gained confidence In myself that I have never had. I learned the limitations of my body, made new friends and done things that I would never have imagined doing. In just this past year, I have a increased my running from just a km or 2, up to 10km and even competed in my first Tough Mudder race in Drumhellar. I also biked nearly 200kms in 18 hours while taking part in a relay from Fort McMurray to Edmonton In June to raise money for Special Olympics of Alberta. My energy, strength and motivation has never been this high!!!!!None of this would have been possible without the awesome staff and friends that I have made at ICF. This journey has only begun, with so many new challenges and goals to reach. I recommend anyone looking to improve their minds and bodies to join!!! You won't regret it!! Here's to the next 100 classes"


"My name is Kristy I moved to Fort McMurray 4 in half years ago leaving all my friends and family even my favorite gym ... Since moving I jumped gym to gym to outdoor bootcamps even continued my kickboxing but I found it wasn't the same as my fit family back at home until about 6 months ago I joined iron camp fitness .... Finally I found my fit family ... I love it I have exceeded more then I ever thought I could from competing at fem sport , beating all my personal times and coming 2nd place at the drag pull to benching 135lb and squatting 155lbs . The workouts that kick your ass so bad that u forget where you parked afterwards lol, now that's a good work out !!! Having all the great trainers there to support you and help you . I also met a lot of great people including my fit family the fem sport girls . Thanks ICF for kicking my butt and making my heart stronger


"I started ICF back in September of 2013. My goal at the time was to just lose about 15-20 pounds before we went down south for our wedding in march of this year. I got a little more than I bargained for when I went to ICF trainer Santo. By the time we left for the wedding I had lost over 40 pounds. To date, I have lost approximately 65+ lbs. I have gained a little back, but as muscle mass. My success wouldn't be possible without the great trainers of ICF that I have had the privilege of working with over the past almost 100 ICF classes. They push me more than I could have ever thought possible! It truly is a " family " there. From the trainers, to the soldiers that work out there and push me to do my best I am forever thankful! All I can say is " walk into the gym, headphones on, water bottle full. And beast mode on blast! " cheers to the ICF family, continue to set the bar a little higher each time! 


"October 2013, I stumbled across a poster that would finally put me on the fitness path I’ve been looking for, for a very long time – Iron Camp Fitness classes. I accepted the challenge, with the “I’ll try it attitude, but I’ll probably quit after two weeks”. I would always quit in the past, but this time it was different, this time, I was hooked from the start. I remember my first class, and thinking, “I’m going to die”, but I didn’t die, instead, I pushed through some of the most mentally and physically challenging workouts ever and survived.
I couldn’t be more grateful for all that the trainers and their classes have done for me. My attitude towards my body has changed from hating the way I look to learning to love myself and all that I am capable of. My appearance has changed, but more importantly to me, my strength has increased amazingly!! I’m stronger now than I ever was. I’ve increased in all areas – trx, squats, shoulder press, chest press and finally completing a 24” box jump after tackling my “I can’t do this” mental block.
Thanks to Iron Camp Fitness, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, both trainers and “soldiers” that I consider my “fit family”. I’ve also had the opportunity to compete in femsport with an amazing group of girls and the Northern Warrior Race. I’m looking forward to the New Year and tackling my new goals that I know Iron camp Fitness will help me achieve.
This past year, doing these classes I’ve learned a few important lessons to carry in all areas of life, not just fitness
1) Trust yourself – You are capable of much more then you think you are.
2) Be patient – Change may be slow, but you’re still better than you were the day before
3) Stay humble – You’re not always going to squat your personal best, face it, there is going to be off days, but don’t beat yourself up about it. And remember, someone out there is stronger, so you have to keep pushing hard even at your best.
4) Compete with yourself and only yourself - Never feel down when someone is lifting more or pushing longer, instead praise that person, be happy for their success. This will make you so much happier in the long run. Remember you only have to be better than the person YOU were yesterday
Thank you so much to all the amazing trainers that work with me to help me reach my goals
Love you all, my fit family"


“I started my journey with ICF in February of 2014, when I was looking for help to get back in shape after having my daughter. After having been involved in sports all my life it was important to me to get back involved, and ideally to be a competitive force on the court and field once again. ICF definitely made this a reality for me! Santo, his instructors, and their classes were the biggest contributing factors to me being in the best shape of my life (despite having competed at a very high level in Taekwondo and Volleyball as a teenager and college student)! 
Going back to work in May took away much of my available work out time (Go Figure!) but the instructors at IronCamp ALWAYS make sure the time you do spend there is well used! LEAVE EVERYTHING IN THE WAR ROOM! I definitely (still) dread the start of class most days, but LOVE the feeling after—the feeling of accomplishment, how much tighter and more toned my muscles feel, but especially the way I feel after! It`s like the `Runner`s High`…but we`re way fitter than anyone that just runs! 
The instructors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and challenging! Thanks to them, and my especially favourite IronFit Combat Class, I find myself able to run faster, hit the ball harder, and jump higher than ever before! And most importantly, FEEL fantastic! Even now being 5 months pregnant, I am still doing IronFit Classes and still competing at the highest levels in my favorite sports! People cannot believe I am 5 months pregnant and still jumping and diving and hitting like I am! I am loving that ICF has made me so strong and fit! Not to mention helping me stay healthy and helping to make my baby stronger and healthier for when he enters this world!
The comradeship that we, as ICF Soldiers have, is definitely more intense than any other `gym` that I`ve ever been to. Actually, it really is much closer to family…a really fit, supportive and amazing family. Can`t wait to see how things go after this next baby… Who`s available to babysit? …Santo? 
In regards to my pictures, Santo asked me if I had any I wanted to post, and although most of my pictures these days are of my daughter, dogs, or husband, I`ve been taking a weekly photo of my body…watching the baby bump grow… I don`t mind saying that I`m especially proud of myself…and am deciding to look at it as if it`s a bikini shot, or at least no worse! So. That being said, my `bikini shot` is me this past Saturday morning, at exactly 5 months pregnant…in the middle of playing in my competitive women`s volleyball tournament… Being pregnant, or a mom, doesn`t mean you can`t make the time for yourself.”


"I began training at Iron Camp Fitness over a year ago. My personal fitness prior to that had been hit and miss; a few months on, a few months off, one week I'd be in the gym, the next, I'd be distance running. I had no sense of consistency and no real idea of how to push myself. 
I began training one-on-one with Santo and was clear on 2 things: I wanted to train with someone who practiced what they preached, and classes were a no-go. I hated the idea of working out with other people. After a few sessions, Santo suggested I try out a free Iron Camp class on Remembrance Day. After that one class it was all over for me; I was totally hooked.
The classes at Iron Camp are small and specialized, based on who is in the class. In over a year I've never done the same class twice, and have never left a workout feeling dissatisfied. The trainers are always there to help you and more importantly are always there to push you. They find your comfort zone and make you leave it far behind. 
My own strength, stamina, and overall health have never been better. When I started at ICF my body fat was at 34%, which has since been halved. Sitting down with Anna I got some life changing nutritional advice (see ya never, chronic headaches) and I've recently started to train one-on-one with Paul, who has further opened my eyes to what my body is capable of. Santo and the team at Iron Camp are a community of trainers with a wealth of fitness knowledge to whom I owe an un-repayable debt. Thanks for the past year of change and the changes yet to come."



" It's been a little over year since I joined ironcamp. I have completed 70 or so classes and I couldn't be happier. Before joining ironcamp I was looking for something new for my workouts. I had seen numerous posts of Ironcamp classes and it looked like something that could definitely whip me into better shape so I thought I'd try it. After puking my first two classes I wasn't sure if I could handle it, but I kept going back and I'm really glad I did. After completing 70 or so classes now I feel better about myself than I ever did. My strength and power have increased substantially since joining Ironcamp, and I continue to grow and add more weight to my lifts with every class I attend. With the help of the awesome trainers, I've learned alot on proper form and breathing when lifting which has helped me to excel. From pullups, to adding plates to my box jump, to knocking plates off the battle ropes, I've definetly acheived some goals I never thought I'd reach. This past summer I attended a number of outdoor bootcamps in preparation for The Northern Warrior Race where my team placed first for the 10km.
All in all Ironcamp is an amazing company. From the great trainers that are always there to answer any questions you have and to push you to finish that last rep , to the great people that you train with. I've met alot of great people in the past year,and have pushed my body to limits I didn't think was possible. I owe that to Iron Camp. Anybody looking for a great way to get in shape, Ironcamp is where it's at! Thanks Iron Camp, you're AWESOME!"


"I have been training with Iron Camp Fitness for just over 4 months now. I started out with PERSONAL TRAINING sessions with Paul and with 2 main goals to lose 10 -15 lbs and fit back into those pre baby jeans. Going to gym was not new for me but lifting heavy weights was. I was caught up in the scale and was use to doing lots of cardio with some lifting but never getting the results I wanted. Paul was amazing at teaching me how to become stronger and with the right foods... The changes in my BODY will happen. The changes happened..and now I can fit again into those jeans. 

I have gained so much more than my original goals... I enjoy lifting heavy and enjoy all the new challenges I'm given in the Iron Camp classes. I never dreamed I could do a 5 min wall sit but I did it. Most importantly I have learned how unimportant the scale really is and it's more about how you really feel in your body."


I went to my first Ironfit class on the one year anniversary, Santo had a promotion running that all classes were free that day. I didn’t really have any expectations, just wanted to break up the “workout boredom” and thought it would be fun to try with a friend (Kim Whalen). I’ve gone to workout classes before back in Cape Breton and here as well… but they weren’t CHALLENGING enough and I got bored of them quickly. In more ways than one, nothing even comes close in comparison to Ironcamp.

I honestly THINK the best thing Santo can do for his company is run those promotions where your first class is free, because when you go once, that’s all you need to be hooked! When you’re there for the first time, yes, you may think you’re going to die, but when you leave you can’t wait to go back and do it all over again. Personally I’ve been looking for a class that kicks my ass and makes me feel “near death” for a while now (haha jk it’s not thaaaat bad).. but it’s true that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” - it can be both challenging mentally and physically, but you get what you put in and it’s so rewarding.

If you really want to make a change in your body, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the way to go. If you aren’t familiar with what HIIT is - Research shows that you can achieve more progress and burn more calories in a mere 15 minutes of interval training (done three times a week) than a girl jogging on the treadmill for an hour. So can you imagine the results you can get in doing a whole hour class of HIIT, not to mention the afterburn effects. Also with HIIT you can simultaneously BURN FAT and build muscle at once - The more muscle you have on your body, the more you can eat, so for obvious reasons, I’m a fan!!

We’re all BUSY, but what I think is the most appealing to people here in Fort McMurray (who work the crazy shift work, juggle kids, hubbies/wives and hobbie and have very little extra time is the fact that you can work out a few times a week and get the same, if not better results, in a fraction of the time. It can be hard to find the motivation after a 12 hour shift especially this time of year, so just get yourself there and the trainers will find that motivation for you – You can get the results you want and still maintain your busy schedule. It will actually end up being the thing you look the most forward to, I can almost guarantee it!!

The trainers are always smiling, love what they do, and are there to help and motivate you - they truly want to see you succeed at your goals. Everyone motivates each other too, it’s actually so fun - I love the NETWORK of people I’ve met through this company and Santo really knows how to run a successful, fun and professional business.

(Take advantage of your first CLASS being free, you won’t regret it, I sure didn’t)


"I have been fitness motivated and reasonably fit all of my life but as I reached my late forties and now fifties the motivation had waned quite a bit. An office job with a lot of desk time had taken its toll on my posture and nagging upper back pain had become more than occasional. 
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about having a trainer as I never needed one before, but after watching my wife Sheila and friend Jim get fit with the help of a trainer I decided to try. The first "try" was outdoor boot camp and initially I thought this is easy but after about 5 minutes I began to realize that I was not nearly as fit as I expected. That was more than a year and 80 classes ago. I am now as fit as I have ever been, my back and posture is 90% better and I enjoy every minute of every class. The trainers are thoughtful and purposeful about my development and they keep me safe. Except for a couple of skinned knees, zero injuries in 80 plus classes.
My training mates are a mix of long time friends and new friends met in class; everyone is positive, supportive, and encouraging. All classes end with a high five with everyone."


Gen (G.S.P)

"I have had the pleasure of being part of Iron Camp Fitness for the last year and a half. I have also been lucky enough to not only be a trainee, but a trainer as well with BootCamps, IRONFIT classes and FemSport. After competing in a fitness competition in 2012, and the main purpose to exercising was to "lean out" for the big "comp day", I had developed a very distorted idea of what weight training was supposed to be and how my body was suppose to look. I was looking for something new and different from the conventional weight training of picking heavy things up and putting them down. I remember being in the now War Room, which was then just a stretching room watching Santo teach someone how to use the Battle Ropes. I thought to myself "wouldn't that be fun" ... words I would later dually regret and live by. I had found exactly what I needed. The Iron Camp team is a wonderful group of dedicated individuals that have become my Fort McMurray family. I am stronger than I have ever been physically and psychologically. I have realized with Santo and the teams help that a change in appearance is only a bonus; put the work in and the rest will come in time. My mindset has changed from losing weight to seeing just how far I can push myself, setting new goals and surpassing them; i.e. push ups, no assist pull ups, winning a medal at Femsport. The Ironcamp classes push you as far as you thought possible and then further, even when you're ready to give up or maybe throw up, the team somehow keeps you going and motivated to push harder. A big thank you to the entire Ironcamp team for being great trainers, supporters, friends and team mates! It has also allowed me to meet some of the greatest girls I've met so far in Fort McMurray, which was a blessing since girls are hard to come by in this town. I could go on for days telling you how great it is, but if you haven't tried it yet, I challenge you! the only way you will know Ironcamp is the real deal, is by getting out there and jumping in with both feet first."


"I started training at ICF in May 2014. Before that I was having a hard time being consistent going to the gym and what I would do when I got there. Since I have been at ICF I've got everything I've wanted out of my work outs. Weight loss, muscle gains, a schedule that works, someone to push you and help you along the way. I've still got a long way to go but I have also come a very long way from where I was! Anytime someone talks about going to the gym or goals they want to achieve I tell them ICF is better then anything else I've ever tried. If you haven't tried it DO IT! Every workout kicks my ass but I still feel like a champ as I walk out. Thanks to all the trainers and other soldiers who have helped me along the way! See you in the War Room."


"My wife Sue had started IF after being introduced to it by Sheila Beaudry nearly two years ago. Sue thought it was absolutely awesome and thought it would be a great thing for me!! Of course I put it off, for slightly over a year and felt that I would get to it eventually. Around the same time I had some health issues come up and was moving towards a healthier lifestyle, be it slowly in some ways. Still thought that I should get a little “fitter” before trying this intriguing IronFit stuff...
I met Santo and Rae and was impressed with their interest in what IronFit was all about and enjoyed who they were as individuals and as a couple, so I finally stopped being a chicken and dropped by an IronFit Elite Wednesday evening class Santo was running this past February. What a surprise/shock!!! I didn’t warm-up or anything, just showed up as didn’t know what to expect or what the routine was. It was the chaos timer…. I thought that I was reasonably fit, especially after training and participating in my first Tough Mudder last year after turning 50 years old… NOT!! After about 15 minutes I was questioning my sanity and was concerned with my inability to get sufficient oxygen into my body, to keep my heart below the 90 to 100% range, to keep moving, to not puke and well, you’ve all been through that so you all know what I am talking about!!!
I did survive with lots of encouragement from Santo, Glen, Jim, Dean and everyone else there that night! Now I cannot imagine missing my training and training with all the people I have met since my first class!! I am definitely nervous before every class and every class there are many times I have to convince myself to keep pushing and not stop or give up, and there are many times I am so thankful for the others in each class who see me struggling and provide that bit of encouragement to keep on going!!
I am in the best shape that I have ever been in the past 52+ years and am so encouraged that I will continue to improve! So want to be doing this at age 70!!! It is so great to share this fitness journey with my family and friends who are involved with IronFit and to see and support those around me achieve their fitness goals!!
Significant events in my life…Sue accepting my proposal to marry… the birth of our daughter Danielle…the birth of our son Braeden…becoming a Christian…attaining a few significant ranks in my martial art (now you know the Ninja nickname :)…and becoming a member of Iron Camp Fitness, getting fit and earning those first dog tags!!!!!! 
See you all in the War Room!!"

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